More Lampwork...Brights

Here's another set I finally got pics of. It's called Ju-Ju Heat and will be up on eBay this Thursday.
Other than photos, I took most of the day off. Well, kinda...if you can call going to the grocery, doing laundry (yeah clean undies), going to the post office, and getting a hair cut. I did manage a couple of hours of SHOPPING.
Shopping for clothes is depressing. Since I work so much, I wear only cotton. Mostly jeans. There comes a point that I get a bit bored with the same ol', same ol' stuff. Normally shirts, t-shirts, and some times even a sweat shirt but they don't last long. It never fails, just as soon as I find one that I like (ya know, a lucky glass melting shirt), I burn a hole in it. This would happen much less often if I would pre-warm my glass. Alas, I'm impatient. :-)
Have a great evening...I'm off to read my book. (Miracles do happen)