Decandently lampwork beads

I'm back with another new set...this one will go up on ebay next week. It's a looker'. My intention with these beads was to make a chunky set that was bold and had timeless appeal. The beads are large enough to look chunky but are sleek and light weight at the same time. So if you make a bracelet with the beads, it doesn't feel like you are wearing a bead store on your wrist.

Note: The color of the beads’ base is rich indigo blue. It’s indigo on my hubby’s monitor and more of a royal blue on my monitor.

Other than that, I've been a little under the allergies have been acting up again. I think it's an early night, a cup of tea, and a bit of reading for me. That should recharge my batteries so that I can be at the studio all day tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day!!!!