Color....Doggie News...New Lampwork

Aren't these lovely hues!!!!!! These are the predicted colors in fashion for Spring/Summer 2008.

I have to admit, the below is one of my favorites!!!! I like the color scheme for both my home and clothing.

Doggie news...Cheslie. She's getting better and walking most of the time in a straight line. She isn't hold her head to the right all the time now. She still isn't eating too well but that isn't too unusual because she's a picky eater...she could also stand to lose 5 lbs. Can't we all? The problem is that she still falls over sometimes and seems to be dizzy sometimes. I've still have to watch her most of the time. I've changed my schedule so that I can be on the torch during her long afternoon nap.

This weekend was a busy one...lots of little things but the little things seen to eat up all my time. I did get a chance to pick up my old kiln. Jim, from Blue Moon Glass, repaired it. It will be nice to do dueling kilns. There are some days that I need two kilns. If I use enamels or furnace glass, they can't be piled in the kiln. Both enamels and furnace glass is kinda sticky even when I'm just garaging them at 955 degrees. So I have to rack them in the kiln. It doesn't take me that long and the kiln is filled. (This might change, depending on how much torch time I get because of Cheslie. I'm thinking that this might decrease the amount of bead sets that I have up for grabs. Only time will tell with Cheslie.)

Here's a new set...lots of color but more in muted tones. As I said before...I really am working towards more sets that have a year round appeal. This one does.

My project for today is to finish up an organized and cat proof workspace in the house. I'm just about there. There's no way that I can bring in my beading studio nor my glass work into the house. There just isn't the room nor do I really want to. I like having it separated from my critters.

Have a happy, creative day!!!!! I'm off to get some work done.