Part II, Lampwork Series...Hill Country Muses

It's been a long day, I've been at the torch for over 12 hours and I'm fried. There are some very kewl beads in the kiln currently...well, I hope there are. I never really know until I open it. The colors look different in cane form and much different when they are goopy in the flame. Nothing like twirling hot molten goop on a stick. :-)

The below is a set that is two parts...the first was made for a neck piece in mind. The below is much larger than it looks. Disks (39) are all approximately 4mm wide but are graduated. They range from 13mm to 25mm in diameter.

The second, a bracelet.

This is kinda of a drive by blogging...I'm beat. I've still got lots of email to answer and packages to get packed.

Have a great day! Or night! Or both!