New Series...Lampwork Beads

I haven't forgotten my's just I've been busy as a cat in heat. Too many things to do and not enough hands to get them all done. That's ok...I've gotten just about everything caught up so I can spend next week on the torch.

The below is a new series that I'm working on. I wanted to work with softer, more watery colors. Springy colors that also can be worn in high summer and early fall. The glass is Gaffer with several off Gaffer's veiled cane. They are much prettier in person...I know I say that all the time but these (like the reduction glasses) are a PITA to photograph.

I was working on doing a reduction glass series BUT the photography issues stopped me. Oh well...I've been wanting to do more lighter, more fluid colors anyway. This seem to work out for the best.

I've also posted the first of the series as a $.99 eBay auction. If you want to take a peek, go for it. My hubby did the pictures of that one...he's better at photos than I am.

I also want to thank my customers!!!!!! While I was updating the website with smaller sets, a few of you were buying them quicker than I could get them posted. :-) Thank you for your enthusiasm!!!!!! Everyone that has ordered, your packages have been shipped.