End of Series Beads!

Ok...the beads from the kiln looked good...there's the last of them below. That's it, I'm fried on these colors. The series, 'Hill Country Muses', has four parts to it and I think that's enough. They will go up on eBay next week.

I'm working on the 'Watercolor" series and started a set in brights. I know that brights aren't always 'IN' but I like them in the summer months. They go with everything. What could be better than simple bright jewelry, birkies, and a t-shirt. Brightes equate to Austin Attitude.

Pantone had released its fashion color report for fall 2007. I’m pleased; these are some of my favorite colors. Spring 2007 looks good too. I like the softer, more muted tones but it’s still hard to give up brights during the summer months.

I'm off to snooze land...it was a long day on the torch. I feel kinda bead-dead right now.