Brights!!! New Lampwork Beads...New Ebay Auctions

Ya know, I really don't know why I call every post "New Lampwork Beads." I think it's because I can't think of anything else.

The below is a bright set, like you couldn't see for yourself. :-) This was a great set to make!!!! Every once in a while, it's pure pleasure to set down a the torch. Not that I don't enjoy myself most of the time. It's just the rare days that everything goes well. I had another one of those days today. No phone calls...all the stringers pulled shocky glass...just a totally smooth day. I've been having several days like this in a row. Maybe that makes up for the feeling that I lost my mojo or something. Last week was a bad glass week. I mean it was BAD...I didn't get that many sets made. Most of the time, the beads hit the water before I even put them in the kiln.

I just put up four more $.99 eBay auctions. One of them is really, really nice. It's some of my best work. Then I have another set up that is my favorite. Ya know, I've always wondered if anybody really reads my blog. So how about this...send me an email at with your guess which set is my favorite. No matter what your guess is, I'll put your name into a hat and draw out a winner for some free beads. The contest ends next Thursday.

Also if you get a chance, take a peek at Mandi's blog, Bead Circle. It's got some great info for jewelry designers and for anyone that enjoys beads.

Have a wonderful day!