New Lampwork

We are still iced in but we are hoping we can get out tomorrow. It's beginning to warm up. Currently it is 32 degrees and it's predicted a high of 42 degrees!!!!! I know most folks are not impressed but normally, it's in the upper 60's this time of year. That means, that nobody had any de-icer nor ice scrapers. There's really isn't a way to remove any snow or ice except to wait for the temps to rise. Most of the highways here should be called sky-ways. So they are still slick, if not still closed. The side streets are mostly a sheet of black ice.

Anyway, it's almost over and I will be at the torch tomorrow. I feel like Little Orphan Annie singing. "The sun'll come out....Tomorrow....So ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow.... "

These are some strands that I made last week, photographed on Monday, but just processed them this evening. I try to do a dotty set every week or so. If I don't, I lose the tech to make them. Oh, it comes back but takes me a while. I'm just not the patient sort of person. :-)

I will put the above and below strands on eBay in the next couple of days.

I just put this set up on eBay this evening.

Ok...that's it for me. It was nice having some down time and I got a lot of research plus a boat load of paperwork BUT I miss my studio. So I doubt you will see me for a couple of days. :-)

Have a happy, creative week!