New Lampwork

These are some of my first beads of the New Year. Some people party...some people make beads. Bob and I don't go out much for New Years and July 4th. The fireworks and other loud noises spook one of our dogs. It's actually pitiful to watch her so we sit with Chelsie...try to keep her calm. This year wasn't that bad...maybe she's going deaf.

The below set is supposed to have more natural stone qualities. I used a lot of silver and a lot of twisties. All 96 coe glasses. I think it could make up into some beautiful jewelry.

I couldn't help it...I did some more 'Chaos' beads. These are the large nuggets (18X18)...again all 96 coe glasses.

The below is the matching companion beads to above. That odd double pyramid is called a crystal. I've had this press sitting around forever it seems and never used it. It took a bit of practice...I won't show you all the beads that died by press. :-)

There are a lot of folks that have the opinion that beadmakers that use presses aren't really making good beads. I don't agree...a press is a tool, that's it. (ya know the ol's saying, dontch ya) These presses aren't easy to use...they take a certain amount of skill to make them work. Some presses are easier than others. I'm not going to worry about it. If I make beads for my own jewelry designs...I want shapes. They give a certain drama and line to the jewelry that is created.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!!!!