New lampwork beads

This one is all furance glass and I've added a sterling bead hang bar.
Something a bit different from me...I don't do a lot of pink. I might have to change my mind...I like the color scheme. These beads are all Gaffer and one of Val Cox's frits...I've really liking this glass. It's smooth and flows well. The pinks worked up well, well I think they did. :-)
Here's the bracelet strand that matches the above beads.
I finally finished the below set...I needed to add a few beads to round out the strand for eBay.
It's rainy and gloomy here...I even took a nap today. I can't remember the last time I took a nap, it was great. Now my hours are off and I'll be a bit stranger than I already am.

Have a great weekend!