New lampwork bead set and ICE

There's a set that I finally got decent pics of. For some reason, I'm having a hard time getting the colors in this strand. Anyway...this set is already sold.
I'm not taking any more customs for a while. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I won't take any more customs this year. You can see if I already have beads in a certain color scheme and I might have them...then you can have first dibs if you like. Most of my strands are previewed here, on this blog, before they either hit eBay or the website. If you want one, let me know.
Austin is in the mist of an ice storm...yeppers, the Land-of-never-ending-SUMMER is getting it's butt kicked. It's hovering around 29 degrees and will be like this for the next couple couple of days. I got out to the studio this morning, locked down everthing.
The studio is right next door but the problem is the deck is slick as snot. The deck is huge and all the back doors lead on to it. If we need to get out, there's always kitty litter. :-)
I also packed up a new beadwork project early this morning, and have moved to the house for the next couple of days. I've got a pile of bead strands that need to be photographed but the setup is in the that's going to wait. I think I'm going to take a mini vacation and do some beadwork.
I'm telling myself it's only for a day or two...I can go back to the studio...this is not forever. I'm already in withdraw.
Have a happy, creative day!