Lots of Glass...more color tests...lots of new beads

The below was a test of new 96 COE. Maybe too much of a good thing can be too much on the eyes. :-) I wouldn't want a large set done of these beads. I think a little is just 'nuff. I do like the Amazon Green color...in the right design and the right accent hues, it has great potential.
The below was a color test with something called Silver Green. It comes in both frit and cane form. These beads were made, coated in silver foil...then heated and rolled in Silver Green frit...heated again and reshaped...then they were spot reduced. They look a lot better in person and will make some very kewl jewelry BUT it wasn't the color I was looking for.

The below was another color test that resulted in some very kewl reactions and look like copper patina. They look good but again, they weren't the color I was looking for.
The below was an experiment in design...it's 104 COE glass. I like the top bead, the barrel. I will be making more of this shape. The shape will work well in jewelry designs.

That's all I've got right now...that's all I've got cleaned this evening. I've got two kilns packed to the gills right now. Both are ramping down and show be ready to open sometime tomorrow morning. I'm hoping that the Kiln Fairy and the Great BEAD God is smiling on me. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!