I'm alive...

I'm and alive...but my allergies are in overdrive. Austin is seeped in everything that makes me sneeze and eyes to water.

Even when I feel kinda lousy, I've still got paperwork to do...calls to make...and errands to run. Life goes one, drippy nose or not. I've still been on the torch and will have lots of eye candy tomorrow.

Oh...I forgot...I've got lots of new auctions lampwork bead strands up on eBay. Some you have seen here. I've decided to stay on eBay for a while. It frees me up to stay on the torch as much as possible. Right now, that's what I want to be doing. I've got a huge amount of time that I need to devote to figuring out some of the new glasses. Hopefully in a couple of months, I will do more metals. I've got a jewelry day reserved coming up soon. So we will see what that brings.

Have a happy, creative day!