Experimental Vessel

The below is a small experimental vessel that is small enough to be wearable. These were interesting to do but I'm not sure that I want to wear it. It will take a bit more experimenting and then I will make my decision. Oh, the vessel was done in 104 coe glass.

For those that aren't lampworkers...a vessel is constructed much like lampwork beads. It takes the same torch, same glass can be used, and a kiln. What is different is the bottom is closed and there has to be some sort of way to hang it if it is designed to be a necklace. I've made small perfume bottles before that have a flat bottom so they can sit flat. I just haven't figured out what to do with them...so I don't make them very often.

My torcher chamber is cleaned and ready to start a new project. I feel like beads...as you can tell, I like beads. Beads are the mainstay of my work.

Have a happy, creative day!