It’s kinda funny how a change of attitude and a pair of snazzy sunglasses can totally change the day.

I was pretty gloomy about being iced in this morning…but after a couple cups of coffee and watching the dogs slide around the back deck, things were looking better. There’s just something comical about a 110 lbs dog sliding on her butt towards you. The temps should start to rise sometime tomorrow and next week, it will be in the 60-70s again. So I'm turning up the heat, putting on my birks, and heading to my beading project.
Before the ice came...I was working on a huge pile of beads that needed to be photographed. Here's two pics that I was playing with.
Here's the sister to the set that I posted yesterday.
I've still got a couple more photos to play with and hopefully, I can show you some more beads tomorrow. Creating beads is so much easier for me than taking pictures of them. I envy people that have photography skills.

Have a happy, cattitude-ie day!!!!