Again, doesn't it ever end...More Lampwork Beads

These are kiln fresh...all Gaffer (the 'new' glass for me) except for a bit of raku. I like these and I think that I will do more in this style. Plus they are easy for me to photograph...there are a lot of beads that nobody sees because I can't figure out how to get a decent pic of them.

I was chatting with a friend...we were discussing just how many beads we make in a week. I never thought much about it until we started talking about it.

Ya know, I make a lot of beads. I am extremely focused on beads right now. Even last night, just as I was falling off to sleep, I was thinking about a new bead design. I woke up this morning thinking about beads. I even had a dream, a small portion that I remember, of a talking-'all seeing' bead. She ruled the land of Bead-dom on a planet called 'Glassworld'. I think I've been listening to Terry Pratchett way too much.'s time to be lots to do today.

Have a happy, creative day!