New Lampwork Beads...New Camera

Here's a new set of lampwork, I finally finished the series. I've got three more that I finished, but need to take pictures of. The below is a pic from the new camera. So far, I like the new camera much better than the old. I have to use a tripod now because of the weight of the camera and lens. The old one was very light and easy to handle. The new one takes better pictures but has a lot of little buttons and nobs that I'm still not sure about yet. It will take some time to figure it all out.

There's another view....this is on eBay right now, looking for an adoptive bead-head.
Both were done with mostly furnace glasses. They are what a lot of glass blowers use for color in their work. It's much denser and is much more vivid in doesn't wash out when you work with it in the flame. A lot of times I want to add a lot of clear to a single area to move the glass around and make a certain pattern. It can be done with most furance glasses but not the 104 COE types that I've found. I'm almost to the point that I prefer furance glass...I'm move totally over if I didn't have so much 104 COE glass. I have so much has it's own closet space in my studio. I have enough glass that I'm surprise it hasn't asked for it's own allowance.

Ok...I've got to get my day rolling. I've got packages to send, presents to wrap, and back to the studio for me. I'm working on another idea.

Have a happy creative day!