The Miracle of Sound Proofing!!!!

It’s been a strange day here…mostly audio strange. We live in a small addition of older homes in South Austin. They aren’t really close; each house is on at least an acre or so. Currently I have a couple new neighbors and a house being built behind us. My new neighbor is younger with a bunch of roommates and plays guitar, loud electric guitar. Most of the work-people (there is both men and women working on the house) are using electrical tools or hammers and singing. My other neighbor is working on his lawn; actually he’s using a leaf blower on his roof. (I wondered why but didn't want to ask) Then there is my other neighbor that is working on an old car, he restores classic cars.

None of this is bad but put it all together. The bad, squeaky guitar doing bad Jimmy Page imitations…. the off-key Mexican love ballads, eclectic drills, and hammers pounding…. the leaf blower echoing off the trees…the sounds of backfiring engines. Each one has it own rhythm…. each one is trying to drown each other out. Get the picture…or should I say, can you “ HEAR “ what I’m talking about?

My only question is, why is everyone home today? It used to be quiet…just the singing and hammers, which I’ve gotten used to.

OMGs, it’s sounds like a dozen cats stuck in a tree during a maelstrom. We just had new windows put in the house, and its normally almost sound proof. The noise is echoing off the walls in here. The cats are down-under the closet (that or they moved out to quiter digs) and won’t come out. The two dogs started howling off and on during today.

I thought about ear plugs but… I’m going back to my studio and not worrying about it. My studio used to be an old recording studio and it’s almost sound proof. Thank the Gods for small blessings….the miracle of sound proofing.

Have a quite creative day!