Sorry folks, but I’ve been kinda zenning on the torch and I forgot my password to Beta. Yeap, I'm a dipshit some days. I just figured out how to add all my link-o-la's to the blog. I'm hopeless when it comes to all of this. There are 7 y/o that can beat me silly in most of the video games. Besides losing some of my ego to a 7 y/o, they are really to violent for me. Just not my thang.

I've been working on two custom orders, both totally different from each other, but both were interesting to do. One has been sent out and the other I’m still agonizing over…that one is a jewelry custom. I made well over 100 beads and in reality, I will use less than 30 beads to make this jewelry set. Why you ask? Well, I couldn’t match my stones and accent beads to the vision I have for the necklace design. That is saying something, because I have well over twenty years of pack-ratting beads. So I made the accent beads with raku cane. Playing with the flame of the torch to get the different hues so that I have enough color to pick from. Then I had to make over 35 matched pairs so I could pick the exact size and color to run up the sides of the necklace. I will have pic soon.

This isn’t unusual though…this happens just about every time I made a piece of jewelry that I have a concept of what I want to make. It really even happens when I do a set of lampwork beads that isn’t what I call “zone” beads. Zone beads are those that I just grab a couple rods of glass and sit at the torch.

I had to take a picture....I cleaned my torcher chamber. I had to, it was a mess...I will not even show you the before picture. It's scary. The other reason why is because I'm switching over from 104 COE glass to 96 COE glass. Every time I make the move...I clean. I'm also getting ready to work with more of the furnace glasses. I also want to chance out my torch too...my Bobcat and RedMax are both cleaned, waiting for me to make them start working again. I will have bead pics soon....promise.

As you know, I'm back on eBay again. I didn't want to...but I had too. I tried, I really tried to slow down on the torch and kinda move away from glass for a while. I had great plans of doing much more metalsmithing BUT the honest truth of the matter...I like zoning in my torcher chamber. I will still make jewelry but my focus is more on glass right now. So...with me doing all the zoning time in the chamber...I have beads. I really have beads and I don't have another bead show for a couple of months so it's eBay. These little beady dudes have got to find homes. I'm out of room.

So while I'm getting all the writing and pics done for eBay...here's my two little helpers. They are in my office, just hamming it up for the camera.

Have a happy creative day...I'm off to do some errands!