Just Added MORE Lampwork Specials

I've been a busy little beady head...

More lampwork specials have been added to my website. If you are one of those 'beady' people, you can take a peek here. (can you tell that I just found the link thingie in Beta?) Some of the beads were tests and others were just small sets. I also found a 'bead bowl' in my studio. A bead bowl is just a bowl that I toss beads in until I'm ready to do something with. I found a huge bead bowl tucked away of a drawer. These are in the eye popping colors that I was doing last year, so they must be a year old. I have so much stuff and not enough room in my studio...so it's bound to happen.

We've been playing with the new camera too. The below is a new set, fresh from the kiln, that I'm getting ready to put on ebay next week. BTW, the pictures look much better if you click on them, so that they enlarge.

OK...I'm off to the studio...got big plans for today.
Have a happy, creative day!