It's Raining!!!!

I know it's a bit strange to be excited over rain but it's been kinda dry here. It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. It started raining just as we were going to start the studio re-arranging project. That's been put off until it drys up a bit. I figure it gives me a couple more days to come up with a new arrangement...and to put up the huge amount of glass I've got laying around. I 've a glass closet but...I've been testing a lot of colors lately. Plus I've been working with more furnace glasses. There's two large piles of cane. My mailing area is now filled with glass. My silversmithing area has boxes of glass under my bench. It's really becoming a maze. My OCD and claustrophobia is beginning to act up. If I'm not concentrating on working, it kinda gives me the heebie jeebies being in there.

There isn't enough room left in the studio just to move everything around inside. I actually have to empty part of it outside. What I really need is more square footage. Ah well, that will be taken care of once we move in a year or so. For now, I've got a plan to make due with the space I have.

The below is a new set of lampwork beads...kiln fresh. I've re-worked an old style...I've been having troubles breaking out of my 'chaos' style beads and moving away from the nugget press. This is the first step.

Have a wonderful Christmas!