A Face only a Mother Could Love!

Every once in a while a find a picture in the news that just has me rolling. 'Alien' kitty might have a wonderful personality but ya know...funny lookin' is funny lookin'. I think it's the missing whiskers...maybe it's the eyes, maybe the kitty been hitting the catnip a bit hard. It could be the lack of fur...can we say BALD?
The above is a lampwork bead set I finally finished. It's done and I'm moving on to another strand. I got a new bead press today...larger nuggets. I tested it out this evening, it's an easy press.

Ok...I'm off to snooze land. I thought I'd share because I'm going to be chained in the studio for the next couple of days. I've got several bead sets that I've got to get finished.

Have a Happy New Year!