Clean Studio!!!!!!

Bob and I did the Christmas thang and had everything wrapped up a while ago. So I talked the hubby in helping me moving around the glass area of the studio. It was scary before. Take a good look...I don't think my torcher chamber has ever been this clean. I needed to out a torch and added a kiln. The SC-2 was back from having a bead door installed. The Bobcat is finally clean...I was getting a bit frustrated with the Minor. There wasn't enough room to add the RedMax and still have room for my silver bench. That's ok...I only have another year of this.

I also clean out the presses....I found a box of bead presses that I forgot about. I figure if I haven't used them for year and didn't missed them, it was time for them to find another home. They are on WC swap shop. Here's the url if you are interested in CattWalk bead presses:

Well I'm off to the studio...time to dirty it up a bit. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!