Busy as a House Elf

Lori wrote me and asked how my studio cleaning was going. It was going great, almost done. Then I got a couple jewelry orders...mostly nothing really fancy, mostly from my everyday line. Two were larger jewelry, more like I'd rather be designing. Those will be finished up sometime next week, after I get the needed lampwork made.

The below is one part of the studio...beads waiting to be put away. This was totally clean two days ago. Look at it now...how do I do this? I guess the question should be, why do I do this to myself?
This is my desk after two days of working 18 hour days...I've got to clean this up before I create anything else. Things are falling off my desk because I'm out of room.
Here's one order that is getting packed up and getting sent out tomorrow.
That's it...sorry I didn't have time to take some kewl eye candy pics. I just wanted folks to know that I was still alive and kicking. Hopefully, if the rush dies down...I will be back in a couple of days.

One thing that I have to admit, my hubby has been a great help right now. He's doing washing clothes, cooking dinner, and taking care of the critters. He's out now doing the grocery shopping and picking up the dogs some chow.

After the first of the year, I'm taking it easy for a while. Just eBay (lampwork) and a few projects that I want to do. That's it for a couple of weeks. I doubt the world is going to come crashing down. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!