Back on eBay Again!

I've been busy in the studio...still cleaning. You never know just show much 'stuff' you have until you start cleaning. I'm beginning to make headway.

I took a break for a couple of hours to finish up a lampwork bead set that I've been working on. It's below. I think it came out pretty well. It has a lot of diversity for a jewelry designer.

Now for the interesting news....I'm back on eBay. It's come to a point that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all the beads that I make. I can't stand to be off the torch more than a couple of days and there is no way that I all of them in my jewelry designs...nor put up on my website. So I'm going back again. You can take if peek if you like at:

I will keep my specials and my jewelry on my website. There are so many bead designs in my head that I"m pretty sure that I can keep bot the website and eBay happening. There are also a lot of beads that I love making but aren't in the style of my jewelry designs.

Anyway, it's much cooler feels like fall. I've got the door open in the studio but we turned on the heat in the house. The studio stays warm all year round because of the kilns and torches. It is nice to look out of the door and see the backyard when I'm working at the torch though.

Ok...I've got to run...lots to do today. More ideas are as soon as I get the studio cleaned, I've got another project getting ready to happen!

Have a happy creative day!