New Lampwork Beads...New 104 COE glass!

These are much prettier in person. They are made from Lauscha and a new glass called Ornela. Monique from JoDel glass carries it. It’s a smooth flowing glass and the only compatibility issue that I’ve had has been with Lauscha Cocoa and Ornela. I have compatibility issues with both Lauscha Cocoa and Lauscha Olive when I use the Chili Pepper kiln. Not when I use the Paragon kiln with the fire brick. Either there is something off with my anneal process, which I don’t think there is because of the test beads that I’ve made…or the Paragon has less of a draft and is more of an even heat. Either way, I normally bang the hell out of them, use a dremel at full speed, and not sell them fresh from the kiln. If an issue is going to crop up, it happens normally with in the first 72 hours of the life of the bead.

If you do glass long enough, I will bet you will find issues with each of the types of glass. For example, I have troubles sometimes with encasing some of the corals and reds. That's using Effetre clear with Effetre coral. Sometimes certain opaques are shocky, some of the transparents boil, and some of the colors bleed into other colors. Enough about the compatibility and other glass issues…who doesn’t have them.

I’m getting ready to order more Ornela…it has too many colors that I can’t find else where. Plus it’s just a nice, smooth glass that’s a pleasure to work with.

The above set is one of those that I’ve wanted to make for a long time. It’s much easier since Ornela came out with the exact hues that I’ve had pictured in my mind. You can tell I like it LOADS…I made a huge set.

Have a happy creative day!