More Lampwork Bead Experiments...oh yeah, I wanna be Xena

This (below) set was a color test. I like the shapes and design but the color test failed. Good enough for a small strand but not what I envisioned. The problem with glass is many times the color of the glass changes in the heat of the flame or the kiln. I’ve had beads that look kewler than kewl in the flame BUT when I opened the kiln, the colors were muddy. There are times that I’m trying to get muddy and the colors are too sharp for what I wanted. A lot of times, I don’t do the work…the flame does. Sometimes, it pure and simple luck. A lot has to do with working the glass, seeing what it will do with other colors of the glass. There a many lampworkers that make bead making look easy…it can be. I’m just not one of those lampworkers. Actually I really don't quality for the honors of being a lampworker...I'm more of a jewelry designer and silversmith that happens to do lampwork. I've only been making beads for about 3 years now. Maybe in about another decade, I can grow up to be a real lampworker.

If I was Xena, the Warrior Princess, what type of beads would I wear? Well these (below) are it. They are called Maelstrom. They are a mirage of color. So far these are some of my favorite beads. I don’t know why but I like them…in fact, I like them so much I think a series is in the making.

As you can tell, I make a LOT of lampwork beads. Many you see get made into jewelry, some are color experiments, and some are style/design experiments. Every once in a while, all the pieces of the puzzle just fit…the light bulb goes off…and poof, a series takes place. Like Kaleidoscope and Four Corners. BTW, there are many beads that you don’t see…some because I think that they are fugly and some because I can’t get a decent picture of them.
Here's (below) are the companion beads...lots of nuggets and matching pairs for earrings. The came from the same torch session and have the same hues.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday...I'm off to do errands.