Lampwork Experiments...and strange dreams

Ok...I confess, I got bored again so I've been experimenting AGAIN. The below are results of that. I've been listening to an audio book that has my undivided attention. I can't tell if I want to be on the torch or listening to the book I'm doing both. Lampwork is one of the few professions that you can do that...maybe that's why I keep making beads.

I was up at 5 am today, wondering what's next in the book and shaking my head over the dream I had. I had dreams of beads with little beady heads and skinny stick legs doing line dances in an old 80's disco. They were dressed in greens and purples...with lots of flat dots all over them. Remind me never to eat my husband's chili before I go to bed. I have odd dreams and gas. What a winning wonder I spend large amounts of time in the studio alone. Welcome to Moon World...the land of TMI.

The above was a color's ok. I like the design concept so I wil work on another set of this type today.

I was playing with the Double Helix glass again. I used lots of silver and played with reduction flames. They look much nicer in person...lots of patterns with in the solid areas that the camera didn't pic up. That's a nice way of saying that I suck at photography.
The above is a double layer of frit...I used a light frit, added some silver, then melted. Then I rolled it in a teal. These don't look too bad. The experiment was also the focal. I wanted more of a textured, more visually interesting bead. The concept needs some kinda looks like an alien's penis. Maybe I just have it upside down or something.

Well my studio is calling me and I'm feeling better so I'm off to the torch. More experiments today...maybe even some green and purple beads, like in my dream. :-)