I'm Back!

I’m alive…I made it back from my trip! I’m still a bit out of commission, I have the cold from hell and my allergies have decided to kick my butt. On top of all of that, I’ve paid the dentist mongo bucks for more pain.

On the bright side, I now can eat real food. While I was in Indianapolis, my temp crown popped off and spilt in half. My food selections were limited, lots of soft-lukewarm gruel. Yummy, just what I always wanted. So now I have my teeth action back, I’ve been chowing down on anything that crunch to it.

It was wonderful seeing the parents at the ol’ homestead but the weather sucked. It rained so much that I almost missed Austin weather. Since I’ve been home, it’s been like early fall weather here. Lots of sun but around 70 degrees. What a treat to come home to this!!!

I don’t have any eye candy but I’m working on the torch today. So tune in tomorrow and I should have something to show for my efforts.