Dream Beads...more lampwork beads!

I've been working on my 'dream' beads....remember my odd dancing beads dream from yesterday? The below is what came from that dream.

There is enough beads here to do several pieces of jewelry. I've been trying to do more mix and match beads. I hate it that I have this medium sized strand of lampwork beads...I made a bracelet and pair of earrings then have odd beads left overs. These larger sets of my idea to prevent this. We'll see if it works or not.

Here's some happy day beads. They are bright, bold, and have an attitude. I know that they aren't everyone's idea of fashion...that's ok, I like them. If nobody wants them, I'll keep them for myself.
There's the happy day beads' lampwork focal. Lots of color and lots torch time to make, but well worth the results. The bead has been encase first to pop up the background colors. All the stringers were encased, again to bring up the brightness of the glass. The results are kinda like Ronald McDonald goes to the circus.
That's all she wrote today...I'm off to the torch again. Later this week I've got to set down and make jewelry. I'm drowning in beads, I mean they are everywhere...do beads have litters? I don't have any bead shows until next year so...after I get some things made for my mother, I'm having a sale on the website again. More lampwork specials, these puppies need to find homes. I do this everytime my bead storage starts getting full. It's past due. My coffers are full, my storage area is full, and my desk tray is full. I'm now putting them in plastic bags and pinning them to my cork board.

I'm off...I want to finish my audio book and get a start on another strand of beads. I have a couple of 'ideas' floating around. Wanna try them out.

Have a happy creative day!