Back at the torch...

I spent my day yesterday pumping out lampwork beads. Nothing great and wonderful, mostly frit beads. I need to clean the studio but...I figured torch time would be more fun. I went for the fun part.

The below is a mix of Ink Blue, Ivory, and Silvered Ivory. All 104 COE glass and easy to do for my first set back. In other words, it did not tax my system to make these.
The below are actually much prettier in person than in the pic. The amber had a nice contract with the mauve. These were quick and easy beads, another frit bead set. They will make up into nice jewelry. Not much on the bead front though. The glass is all 96 COE.
The below is a set that I actually like. All 96 COE glass and lots of Raku powder.
The below strand was make from Val's House of Blues frit. Another nothing great and wonderful set but I think they will make up into some nice everyday jewelry. All 96 COE glass. The below is another set made with Val Cox's frit and 96 COE glass. The base is black...then slam on some silver leaf...then roll in frit. Then take them back the to flame to melt the frit...then poof, the kiln fairy does her magic.
All in all, boring but sets that I got into the 'Zen' of the flame. Today, I think I'm going to make much of the same. Easy beads while listening to an audio book. My cold is still kicking my butt and when I start coughing, the bead normally hits the water. Besides, it's kinda fun to go back to some of the more simpler beads when I'm working with one of the presses I haven't used for a while.

Hey Crys! ...Yeah, it was a very long week!! I soooooo glad to be home. I went to Cincinnati and Covington, KY. I've decided that I would prefer to rent a studio in an artist hub. The two larger ones that have walks BUT they can't accommodate my studio. So it really looks like if we want to move in that area, we have to's a dog and fence issue. Which I'd really rather wait for a year. If we would of bought here in Austin, I'd be stuck here.

Do you know anything about Dayton? Or Cleveland? (or anyone else have any words of wisdom about Ohio? We need a city that has a major airport and is within 6 hours of Indianapolis)

That's all I've got for today...I'm off to the studio.

Have a happy creative day!