No Lampwork This Time - Hang Bar

The above is a new idea that I'm working with. For once, no lampwork new jewelry designs.

They are sterling silver hang bars for necklaces. I’m currently working on a group effort that is geared towards ‘charms’. The basic idea would be that these hang bars work much like a charm bracelet does. These are made of wire only, I didn't use any solder on them. They actually are very "Timex". They will take a licking and keep on ticking.

The above works for three charms in the front of a necklace. I’ve got several others on my bench that will accommodate 5-9 different charms…BUT the picture didn’t turn out. I guess the stars and moon are out of alignment today.

They can be used in several different way within jewelry designing. I can make them more curved so that I can used several within a necklace design or use one as focal point. I'm still working on these so I will post other pics as they turn out.

Here's a wire wrapped cab that I did...this is a huge honking pendant that is close to five inches. I made it before I got the sterling chain completed. That was kinda like putting the cart before the horse...oh well, I'll figure it out.

Off to start my day...I hear the studio call.

Have a wonderful weekend!