New Lampwork Series

Online and in my personal life, I've been hanging out with fiber people. Fiber people are a bit different than glass or jewelry or clay people. Their internal 'kewl' alarm beeps for different things. Some like clean lines that are void of all color. Then there are those who like lots of color in many different shapes and patterns.

BTW, each 'type' of artist has their own lingo and way about them. They spend time with fellow artists of their own medium. So they talk the same talk...but I've found that most of them like kewl buttons. What it is about buttons? Yeah, I make kewl glass buttons...maybe that's why they are nice to me. :-) (that was a joke)

The below picture is a first in a series of lampwork beads. Again, they look much better in person than in the pic...the stars and moon aren't in alignment this week. I think you can get the idea. I'm beginning to think it's not the alignment but how much coffee I've had that determines the quality of the photography.

Those fiber artists that deal in the concept of ‘more is better’ have inspired the series. It reminds of being overwhelmed in a fabric store…in a good way. Like having sensory overload of color.

I haven’t decided what to call the series yet. If you have any ideas, let me know. Take your time. This series is going to take a while. Each bead is very detailed and takes a while at the torch to complete. So to complete a set, it doesn’t happen overnight. The kiln fairy isn’t that kind to me, she makes me work for a living.

Ok..I'm off for a haircut and a visit to the eye doc.

Have a happy creative day!