New Lampwork Beads

Sorry that I haven't updated my blog recently. I've been busy as a cat in heat. I just have so much time and not enough hands to get everything done. It's that the way of the self-employed? One of these days, I'm going to actually make a decent living and then I can afford to hire a studio elf...ah, we can all have dreams.

Anyway, here's a couple of lampwork bead stands. The first one I put up on the website for sale and the second one is going to be made into a bracelet.

The below is what I've been spending mucho time doing. (BTW the two pics are just tips of the iceburg..I've got beads on several desks...on my dinning room table...even my silver bench.) I got several large orders of Czech Pressed Beads in so I've been figuring out if I need all this. I have to buy either in mass or half mass lots from my suppliers. For those that don't know how many beads to a mass...well it's 1200 beads. That's a lot of beads in one color and style. So I've been bagging them up to put them on my website for my customers.

Why do I need lots and lots of Czech Pressed Glass beads? Well, I'm working on lots and lots of garden bracelets. So if I ever dig myself out of the bead pile, I'll start working on those again.

Well I'm off to beady land...

Have a happy, creative day!