New Jewelry

Fun is the theme of the below necklace....

It's just been a mad house around the studio...but it's been fun. I've been mostly working at the torch on silver. The below are a few of pieces of jewelry that hasn't been all metal.

Hopefully this week, I will get some more pictures of the silver pieces and do an update to my website. Actually...I have nothing up in the jewelry area of my website except for chain maille. I've just been too busy to get the photography and the write ups done.

The last couple of days, I've spent a huge amount of time at a torch. Either it's been lampwork beads or silver. I did get some forging done and also blew shards for glass work. I used to use a lot of frit in my glass work...not as much any more. I have found that I get much prettier patterns and less pitting by using shards from the same COE of the glass I'm using. I just finished a strand, which are still in the kiln, that I will take pictures of. It's not a great example because there isn't a marked contrast in the colors that I used.

Well I hear my studio calling me....

Have a creative day!!!