Lampwork Beads and Nature

I’m back to fun stuff again. The color and color combos is a reason why I like lampwork so much.

Yesterday, I was having a discussion regarding what I call my ‘candy’ beads. I used to make fun of these beads even though I like making them. After much discussion and thought…I’m going to have to drop that label. A friend and I were discussion how the above bead set had no place in ‘real’ jewelry because you couldn’t find the hues or the DOTS in nature. I thought about it for a second and replied, "yes, you can."

The below is a picture that I took of my cactus. This reminds me of dot lampwork beads. So yes, dots to appear in nature. This is only one example...others are are on butterfly and moth wings. Still more are found on any animal or bug that has 'false eyes'. Dots can also be found in rock formations or as the center of a sunflower.
The colors within nature are varied and beautiful. I can't remember any color of a glass rod that I haven't seen in nature. The below pic of a sunset has both the mango and periwinkle hues in the above bead strand.
The below pic has the ink one of my favorite glass hues of violet.
This pic of lavender has the color scheme of many of my bead strands.

I could post picture after picture but I've already realized that my 'candy' beads are just color combos of nature that I'm drawn to. Mother Earth created the colors; the Italians just duplicated the hues in glass cane.

Have a 'colored by nature' day!