I'm busy as a cat in heat....

I was going to do a 'post pictures and run' but Blogger is feeling cranky today. I've been busy, busy, busy the last couple of days. I'm working on a czech pressed glass bead section on my website shoppe. No, I don't want to go into the 'czech pressed glass bead' business but I don't need a mass (1200 beads) of the same make, model, and color either. That's up and running, finally. That a PITA to photograph all those beads. I now have a healthy respect for anyone running an online business.

Then there is the specials I'll be running soon. I've already got the lampwork bead specials on my website up, if you want to take a peek. You can hop over...click on...point your fuzzy mouse to http://www.mixedmediajewelry.com/, they are under 'Lampwork Specials' in the Shoppe. I'm also working on pendants as well. I will be running a special later this week on them.

Why you ask I'm doing all of this...I'm in the process of cleaning out my studio. I've got so much stuff in there, I can find anything. :-) I will be running specials monthly now. I found boxes of stuff that I didn't unpack from the last move in Feb. OMG...I have beads, handmade finding, lots of lampwork beads, lots of stone cabs, lots and lots of STUFF. I found stuff that I'm not sure either why I have it or I'm clueless of what it is. Plus I don't want to move it again.

So my OCD and packrat ways will hopefully help another. :-)

Ok...I'm off to the studio!

BTW...it's RAINING in Austin today!!!!!!! This is exciting news, we haven't had rain for a while now.

Have a happy creative day!