Dragonhead Pendants in Beadwork

I’m been listening to Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance trilogy...AGAIN. I just finished Eragon, and am currently listening to Eldest. It’s the land of imagination…of dragons, magic, evil kings, dwarves, elves, and the perils of living in such a land. I listen to many books on audio while I work and run errands. I don't have a chance to read much any more; ah the good ol' days when I wasn't self-employed...that brings back memories of leisure.

When the Eldest first came out, I designed a beadwork pattern of a dragon. During all my appointments and various times that I’ve been in ‘waiting’ situations this week, I finally finished up the dragonhead pendants.

I enjoyed making them, now I have to figure out what to do with them. They are very light in weight. I haven't decided to use metal, lampwork accents, beadwork, or what yet to do a necklace. There is a timeline to this design dilemma; the movie Eragon is due out on December 15th. So my motivation is to design one for me.

I’ve also got the dragonhead beadwork pattern on my Mac. So when I get that pulled to the PC, I will post a free pattern.

Today, I'm off to the studio all day. No appointments, no errands, no disturbances! It's acually amazing what I can get done when I'm left alone in the studio for eight hours. I've only got a couple errands to take care of this evening.

Have a happy creative day!!!!