Working out the bugs...test beads.

The above is the test beads for a new lampwork focal bead series. Each bead is about 32mm in diameter. The below is apart of the same test beads, just in a different shape. The concept was for the beads to have an ocean jasper type look. They didn't come out exactly like I planned but I do like the end result. The concept just needs to be refined a bit.
The below was a color test bead; it too is about 32mm in diameter. I was testing the hue of some Lauscha cane (base color) after annealing. I kinda like this color scheme. Ya know, it might of been a better pic if I would of rinsed this puppy after I dremeled out the bead release.

Yesterday, it was beautiful here. I’ve waited months for this type of weather. I sat outside in the afternoon, beaded and pondered for hours. My life is blessed or charmed or whatever…it’s just good. To some it might be a bit boring, to others…it might be a bit strange. I consider my life average. I don’t have the Jerry Springer Show type drama nor is it Wild Kingdom re-runs. I consider the average wonderful at this stage of my life. Sure beats being being a guest star on a CSI show.

OK...back to the beads. I do a lot of the ‘candy’ looking beads style. Yeah, some you need sunglasses to look at very long. :-) Not because they are my favorite; more because of the weather here. When I start feeling like fall, (even when it’s in the 80’s here) my beads start having sort of an earthy type favor to them.

I'm off to start my day...have a happy and creative day!