rained in Austin!!!

Yesterday, it rained here! I know for a lot of folks might think this is a bit odd…but I’m so excited that little water droplets are falling from the sky. It wasn’t a lot but that’s OK…this is one of the times that something is better than nothing. It has cooled down from 100 degree days to upper 80’s /upper 90’s for a couple of days.

That won’t last long but there even more rain forecasted this and next week. I am a happy camper! Day after day of unrelenting heat, for months at a time, wears on me. I try not to be a wimpy puppy. I must have “whiner” DNA in me when it comes to triple digit temps.
The show was wonderful…I forgot to take pics, sorry no eye candy today.

I did find some Toho triangle seed bead hues that I didn’t have. I picked some up last year from “Bead Corner” ( (BTW Maureen and Terry are just fab people) Anyway, I brought a few of them (Toho triangles) to the show with me to keep me busy. OMG, they are the crack of seed beads. They lay just perfectly.

I deserted Bob (my DH) in the booth and went on mission shopping. I found some of the most glorious colors of triangles at “Bead Corner” and at “Jane’s Fibers” ( Jane also had the new Toho cubes that are 1.5 mm. I picked up a handful of tubes to play with them as well. They seemed very, very interesting.

Austin has some very talent jewelry designers, beadmakers, and seed bead artists. I didn’t really realized until I walked about and looked at the booths. The local talent is here immense. Pamela Way, from Yellow Dog Beads, has some of the most wonderful seed bead patterns. She also is a very talented lampworker as well.

Have a wonderful day & a SAFE holiday…I’m off to start my day!