OCD organization

Yesterday, after my depressing morning of reading the news, I took care of a few chores. A few ideas started flying to the forefront…then I walked into my studio. There was stuff all over the place from when we unloaded after the show. I had forgotten that I just piled it up in the middle of the room. Ok…I can deal. I told myself, that it was only a little itty bitty show so how much mess can there be? I was lying like a dog to myself.

I walked to the other rooms…OMGs, I about yakked up a hairball. My OCD went into overdrive. My inspirational thought just vanished.

My creative mood got flushed as soon as I saw my bead room. It looked like a tornado hit the place. Little itty bitty show or not…the place was trashed. How did I make such a mess and forget about it?

Here’s some before and after pictures…not much eye candy today. Check back tomorrow…I’ve got an idea brewing.
My desk before:

My other desk before:


My desk actually has wood underneath all the beads:

This is the after pic of part of my storage. The before pic was too scary to even show.

I’ve always found it interesting why some people can work in organized piles or complete chaos while others (like me) need an organized space. (It’s not uncluttered by a long shot, I just need space to work.) There is a whole branch of psychology that deals with such issues…if my memory serves me correctly, it’s called Environmental Psychology. That was one branch that I never delved deeply in.

I can’t wait to get out to the studio this morning…no depressing news and a clean desk. What else could I ask for in life? I can dream about world peace but I’ll be satisfied that it rained in Austin the last couple of days. It only hit 85 yesterday and I was in a sweatshirt….things that make you wonder about my sanity huh? Today it’s only supposed to hit 92 degrees…yippy!

Have a wonderful day…I’m off to concentrate on the simple things that make me happy.