The News of the depressing.

Every morning, I have a little ritual of drinking my coffee and reading a few blogs. Why? I really don’t know. It’s a habit and seems to start my morning in the right direction. Today, I decided to try something a bit different. I read the news instead. Mostly world events, with a bit of US and local to balance out the mix.

How depressing, is my main thought. I don’t describe to the concept of ‘ostrich’ mentality nor do I support its use. (There is a myth, that during an attack, an ostrich sticks its head in the sand. The reality is that an adult ostrich has enough force from a kick of one of its legs to kill a full sized lion. When they are in a position that they cannot run, an ostrich will flop to the ground and blend into its surroundings.) After reading for an hour, I have come to the conclusion that the news focuses on the differences of the world. Maybe the reason is that most governments do as well.

There seems to be a lot of self-interest floating around in the world today. The age of information has made the world much smaller. So I doubt that the world has truly changed its way of doing business over the last twenty or so years. We just read about the violence, injustices, human right issues, poverty, drugs, and every other abuse more in today’s world. Have humans changed that much in the past several decades? That’s a question I keep asking myself.

One of the articles that I read this morning is in regards to Iran’s (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s view actually) viewpoint on the Holocaust. I found his whole Hitlerian nihilism regarding the Holocaust a bit odd and insulting. Geez, why would anyone push the concept that the Holocaust didn’t exist?

Then there is the whole deal of Iran wanting nukes. (Actually, I believe that no nation should have nukes.) Do we really need more WMD in the world? OMG, the amount of money it takes to develop and maintain WMD could be used for helping any country’s citizens, the US included. I have never understood why countries like India would want the problems that come with having nukes. It doesn’t make sense to me. Having nukes doesn’t make you a big dog in the world, it makes you a cat chasing your tail.

Or Bush’s comment (that keeps getting repeated time after time) regarding “the Axis of Evil” – Iran, North Korea, and Iraq. Iran and North Korea want nukes…Iraq is in a state of sectarian violence totally self defeating. It’s more like the Axis of Stupid or Stupid Government Tricks. I agree that Iran and North Korea really shouldn’t have WMD but what is the world going to do about it? Diplomacy isn’t working nor do I think military action is the correct path. Then there is Syria that seems to support terrorism…actually are they supporting terrorism or are they in a position that their pets are no longer leashed? Neither concept puts Syria is a shinning position.

Is it just the other guys in the world? NO, the US has a hand in it too. Maybe the US needs to pull out of every part of the world. Don’t worry for a while about being the world police and playing games with the UN. Maybe letting the UN take care of matters of the world (without the US & US tax dollars) and we take care of matters at home. Don’t bother with foreign aid…don’t bother with anything outside our borders for a while. Figure out what happening with FEMA…why New Orleans isn’t back on its feet again. Figure out what we are going to do with our own issues…like the whole deal about Warren Jeff. Doesn’t that whole story just want you to jump up and visit Utah? Figure out how to stop our dependence on foreign energy sources…alternative fuel source technology may be the answer to the Middle East issues. We don’t need them and they get their wish that the US lets them alone.

Can I solve the issues of the world…NO. I have a very small scope of the ills of the world. There isn’t a way that I can fully understand them because of my lack of information of what is REALLY happening in the world. I have to rely on news reports and we all know just how that is tainted.

Well I’m done with my ranting…do I feel better? No, the issues are depressing. Tomorrow, I’m starting my day out differently. Hopefully I will also have some eye candy for you!!!!!