New Beadwork Project

(ABOVE) Here’s the inspiration for my new project. Side note here…you know about all those humorous excuses that kids give about the dog eating the homework or the dog eating their report card? I always thought that the kid needed to use more imagination regarding their excuses. Well I was wrong. I was out on the deck last week drinking my coffee. I spotted one of these moths (or close to it) on one of the steps by the deck. Before I could move to get my camera, Yarrow, the dog ate it.

I swear the dog would eat a rock if you rubbed it on a hotdog. I know at you can’t see me roll my eyes and shake my head here…but that’s what I’m doing as I write this.

(BELOW) This is the gathering phase. This is the part that is both the hardest and the most enjoyable for me. Again, it’s the color! The tubes of seed beads are like liquid color.

Side note…I would show you the sketches of the prelim design but Sugie (the cat) yakked on them. I’ve had a hell’ve week with the critters.

(BELOW) I’ve created sculpt flower cups and the beginning of a herringbone rope. Using Toho 11/0 triangles have made doing these ropes more interesting and much more stable. They are very flexible but also have the strength for many, many years of wear. I’m really impressed with these beads.

I've will have more eye candy latter this week. I'm also working on a couple other projects at the same time. You know me...I gotta keep busy!

Have a happy and creative to start my day! (look out world, here I come)