Beaded Beads

More experiments, beaded beads. Why am I doing all these experiments? Well, I've been doing a lot of lampwork the past couple of years. I've finally come to a skill level that I can walk away from the torch for a week or two and not have to play catch up. For the past three years, I've pretty much devoted all my time to lampwork.

Sure I’ve made jewelry once in a while that pays the bills. I just spend at least five hours a day at the torch. That didn’t leave much time for all the other mediums…plus the paperwork, the website, shows, and wholesale.

I spent so much time at one of the lampworking torches that I haven’t spent the time on the other torches. I miss metal…I miss metal a lot. I also miss wire, other forms of hot glass, and beadwork. I really miss making jewelry. So I’m working on my skill bases again. I’m finding that I remember the how and the why, even some of the tricks and finishing but it takes me much longer to complete a piece now. Some of the first pieces are turning out sloppy…not as refined as I like and my OCD alarms are just popping. This is because I’ve neglected a few things.

What is happening is that my design-o-meter is maturing. My skill base is expanding. My focus is changing. My tastes and favor (personal style) is maturing as well. What the end result will be? Only time will tell.

Off to start my day!