Where to move to?

Well I’ve done some more pondering, moving within the next 9-18 months is definitely in store for us. The weather alone has is an issue. It’s going to be another 100 degree day and there is many more after that. Anyway, nobody wants to read about me bitching about the weather or my watery eyes. It’s an old story that has been told way too many times.

Now for the big question, where to move to? If anyone has any ideas out there, please share. Right now we are looking into Covington KY - Cincinnati, OH area. Boston doesn’t look bad either. Neither does Hartford CT, Providence RI, and a couple other places. Ashville NC would be great except it doesn’t have a major airport.

Our requirements aren’t a long list.

1) We have to be by a major airport.

2)The area has to have an art district or an artist hub. I need a studio and prefer an area that has some type of art walk.

3)Depending on the time frame, it might or might not need to be pet friendly. We have two elderly dogs.

4) Weather is an issue…I’d rather not endure endless summers nor 6 months of snow and ice. The one thing I really like about Austin is the number of sunny days. It doesn’t have to be sunny all the time, but I’d prefer not enduring months and months of gray, dreary days. Indianapolis was the King of Gray; it made everything look dirty and was depressing to wake up to another day of gray.

5) I prefer a historical area; I like the charm and unique architecture aspect.

6) Have decent rentals. We didn't buy a home or building when we first came down to Austin. We are so glad we didn't...if we did, we wouldn't have the option of leaving so easily.

7) I would prefer an area that supports the artists. Supporting nonprofit art organizations isn’t the same. I’m not looking for handouts, I’m look for areas that the local citizens want the artists and fine craftsmen. It’s the attitude that I’m looking at. Cities that have developed art districts and have worked/updated their zoning laws, have the attitude. This is a huge, multi-tangent topic here…one that I don’t want to digress on because I hear my studio calling my name.

Have a happy & creative day!!!