Sneak Preview

Here's a sneak preview of what I'm doing in the studio....more eye candy to come this week.

I’m so excited…it’s kinda raining here and it’s only supposed to be 95 degrees!!!!

I say “kinda” because very little of it is hitting the ground. It’s evaporating before it even hits the ground. It’s very dry here, it hasn’t rain at all this month. The last time I remember it really pouring down has been over six months ago. We have entire length of one acre that is edged with bamboo. It’s so dry, that the bamboo is melting and turning brown. The area around here has an odd wilted salad look about it.

Well…I’m on the mist of a new studio project...organization!!! I have piles and piles of lampwork that has got to get cleaned, inspected, and temporarily strung. (I'm getting ready for a little bitty show but the main reason is finally I ran out of mandrels. They all have beads on them.)

BTW, I got my copy of Belle Armoire in the mail yesterday. It’s fabulous!

Have a BRILLANT day,