New Lampwork-New Design Ideas

The above is a ‘rough draft’ of a new collection that I’m working on. Be nice, this is the first demo model. I handmade the chain to fit the style of the beads. The large links of sterling give a bit of boldness because the bead colors are poppin’. I think the idea has potential. The necklace looks a lot better on than it does hanging in the picture.

These cobalt beads are plain and simple lampwork beads that I made yesterday. They aren’t anything wondrous or ponderous, just noncomplex beads for jewelry designs. I’m finding out that I like the stripped down, single or bi-colored beads better for jewelry. (sometimes)

Some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry look great in pictures. They look great in person…but don’t always look great when they are worn. They do if the person is wearing the ‘right’ outfit. I don’t know about you, but I’ve bought art jewelry before. I bought simply glorious piece that I feel in love with. I got it home and didn’t have a thing to wear with it. That's fine....but sometimes I'd like to buy jewelry to perk up what's already in my closet too.

The beads on the above are going to be apart of a ‘metal’ series. I’m working on the sketches currently. They have handmade chain that is bold, in the larger links. That’s it…I didn’t have any major sparks yesterday with it. It’s a project that I’m working on today. It also might be one of those series that evolve over time. Either way, it's really bare bones right now.

Yesterday, I had the DVD player spinning while I was finishing up a bracelet. Every once in a while, some of the stupidest movies provoke a mental image. I was listening to/watching Ultraviolet. It has some great special effects I have to admit, not too much of a story line though. Milla Jovovich played Violet in the movie. She had one GREAT line….” I am a titan, a monolith, nothing can stop me.”

The ideas are spinning so it's time for me to finish my coffee and get to to the studio.

Have a monolithic day!