Mindless Chores & Lampwork Sittin' on my Desk

Yesterday was one of those catch-up days. It consisted of laundry, picking up, and lots of cleaning. I had paperwork and emails to catch up on. I only have a few more things to do and I’ll be back in action again.

Daily chores are mindless activities that allow my mind to wander….

Being self-employed has its merits. My passion and hobby is also my livelihood. Can we say conflict of interest? Everyone needs a hobby…personal pursuits that have nothing to do with our ‘job’. There are times that I really miss pottery. Except that pottery, at one time, was also a livelihood. I think that if I went back and sank my hands in clay, it would be totally all consuming. It would be difficult to do anything else but throw clay.

There is a Zen to the throwing wheel, as there is with the torch. It’s kind of a zone you hit, where the mind somehow takes over. The best way I can describe it is, it’s like dreaming when you are wide awake. It’s not like lucid dreaming, because my mind doesn’t wander. It’s focused on what I’m doing. (which is a really good thing since on the torch, there’s a concentrated heat source of about 1700-1800 degrees in front of me)

So today, during my mindless chores I still need to get done in the studio today, I will ponder a hobby.

The above are lampwork beads that are currently sitting on my desk. My other goal today is to figure out a design using these beads. I've been staring at this dudes for over a week now.

Have a wonderful weekend!