It's Raining BEADS!

I've been getting ready for a small bead show and thought I'd share some eye candy of all the lampwork beads. Well, not all the beads. I never knew how many beads I had until I started cleaning, sorting, stringing, and pricing beads. (Do beads breed?) I only booked an 8 ft table because I was unsure if I could fill a 10x10 space. So there will be a bead sale in the next couple of weeks on my website.

I'm also playing with the photos as well. Most of these pics, I'm not fond of the setting I used. Photography is more like VooDoo to me.

The above looks much better in person than in the photo...I doubt I will try the light box on mixed dark and light gaffer again.

Keep scrolling down, there's more beady eye candy. I will be posting more pictures this week.

Same bat time, same bat place!