The greatest of intentions

Yesterday's studio time wasn't as productive as I would of wished. I spent several hours soldering up chain and making some clasps. Then I had to make more tags…then I had to make some sterling frames…then I needed to solder some jump rings. I got everything tumbled, (I love the shinny clean look of silver when it’s fresh from the tumbler).

I gathered all my beads, accents, and clasps, got my desk picked up and already to go. I started working…then for some reason my attention waned…I glanced over to pile of beads that I needed to put a way. Then it seemed that a pile of stone beads were calling my name to be organized. Then off in the far distance, I heard “look at me, look at me.” I found a pile box of treasures and I was lookin’ and feelin’ them. Then Poof! I spent more time organizing and cleaning up than I did designing. Then I looked up to the clock, the day and most of the evening was gone. It’s like I fell into some sort of time pocket or something.

The disturbing part of all, is that my creation area looks worse after I supposedly picked up. I’ve got stuff everywhere. It’s likes like a bomb when off in there. What is wrong with this picture? I had so many great ideas off tumbling in the back of my mind. It’s like there were too many ideas, then my brain decided to wander off.

The above, to the left, is a small section of the glaze I used on a coffee cup. This is another piece of pottery that I've saved though the years. It's one of my favorite mugs, it's made well and functional. The glaze isn’t any secret recipe, it’s only a commercial glaze. The reason why I like it so much is the color.

I'm off to the studio...hopefully my brain has calmed down so I can make some jewelry.